How install Windows 7 with USB3 pendrive and USB 3 driver - [working method]

This is the only working method that I've tested to install Windows 7 with a pen drive and USB3 driver. I've used the DISM Command Line Tool by INTEL.
"A required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing" or "A media driver your computer needs is missing" This is the error when I try to install Windows 7 on Asus Z170M-plus.
The DISM Command Line Tool updates a Windows 7 installation image so that it contains USB 3.0 drivers.

  • You have a valid copy of Windows 7 on ISO or DVD. I've used one ISO from MSDN program.
  • You have Administrator access to another working computer (the Admin system) with Windows 7 or
    later to follow these steps.
  • The Admin system has at least 10GB free disk space.
    Create USB Flash Drive Installer
  1. Use your Windows 7 DVD or ISO image to create a bootable USB flash drive. Instructions on how to do are found on Microsofts site.
  2. Leave the flash drive connected to your administrator console system.
Copy install.wim and boot.wim to the Admin System
  1. Create a temporary working directory on the Admin system, such as C:\WIM.
  2. Create a mount point under your working directory: C:\WIM\MOUNT.
  3. Locate the boot.wim and install.wim image files in the \sources directory on your Windows 7 flash drive.
  4. Copy both these files to your working directory. It is strongly recommended that, if you have disk space
    (approximately 3GB), to make a second unmodified copy of these files.
Obtain Current USB 3.0 Drivers
  1. Download the current USB 3.0 drivers for your Intel NUC from Download Center to the Admin system.
  2. Extract but do not install the USB 3.0 driver package.
  1. Create a driver folder in your working directory for the 64-bit drivers (C:\WIM\USB3\).
  2. Copy the x64 folder from the extracted files to that location (C:\WIM\USB3\x64\).
Run the DISM Tool
  1. Open an Administrator Command Prompt window.
  2. Enter each of the following DISM command lines in turn:
DISM command line
Mount the install.wim image
dism.exe /Mount-WIM /WimFile:"C:\WIM\install.wim" /index:4 /MountDir:"C:\WIM\MOUNT"
Set /index: to 1 4 depending, on the version of Windows 7 you have: 1 = Home Basic
2 = Home Premium
3 = Professional

4 = Ultimate
Add USB 3.0 drivers to the install.wim image
dism.exe /image:"C:\WIM\MOUNT" /Add-Driver /driver:"C:\WIM\USB3\x64" /ForceUnsigned /recurse
Commit changes to install.wim image and unmount
dism.exe /Unmount-wim /mountdir:"C:\WIM\MOUNT" /commit
Mount boot.wim image Index 1 (Windows PE)
dism.exe /Mount-WIM /WimFile:"C:\WIM\boot.wim" /index:1 /MountDir:"C:\WIM\MOUNT"
Add USB 3.0 drivers to boot.wim image
dism.exe /image:"C:\WIM\MOUNT" /Add-Driver /driver:"C:\WIM\USB3\x64" /ForceUnsigned /recurse
Commit changes to boot.wim image and unmount
dism.exe /Unmount-wim /mountdir:"C:\WIM\MOUNT" /commit

Mount boot.wim image Index 2 (Windows Setup)
dism.exe /Mount-WIM /WimFile:"C:\WIM\boot.wim" /index:2 /MountDir:"C:\WIM\MOUNT"
Add USB 3.0 drivers to boot.wim image
dism.exe /image:"C:\WIM\MOUNT" /Add-Driver /driver:"C:\WIM\USB3\x64" /ForceUnsigned /recurse
Commit changes to boot.wim image and unmount
dism.exe /Unmount-wim /mountdir:"C:\WIM\MOUNT" /commit

Copy Modified WIM Files Back to the USB Flash Drive Installer
  1. Copy the newly-modified install.wim and boot.wim files back to the \sources directory of the Windows 7 USB Flash Drive Installer, overwriting the original files.
  2. Eject and remove the USB Flash Drive from the Admin system.
Install Windows 7 on the target Intel NUC
Using the updated installer, proceed with the Windows 7 installation as you normally would. 

link: intel